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"Hi The fastest sale I ever made. I got your viral widget around 8.30am UK time and installed it on a site I have. At 8.50 I took my grand daughter to school and arrived back home at 9.10 and that's right ...I have made a sale. Fantastic product I am now going to spend the next hour adding my own products to the widget to make them go viral"


WOW! This website converts like crazy!! I'm only getting started to promote it and I already made 13 sales! I'm just amazed at how I'm finally getting "MUCH GREATER Than Expected" Results from the Same Advertising Efforts! Thank you so much David for this wonderful site, it's a TRUE WINNER!

Yanick Bernier

"Made 5 sales already plus the referrals are pouring in. The viral nature of the widget store plus the 100% commissions for affiliates is simply brilliant. It is just powering on and will continue to do so for many a time yet! I am just am chomping a the bit to get my own products on here. With the pro widget, this is where the true power of this really is!"

Marty Lauritsen

"I can't believe all these sales that have been coming out of the woodwork. I've been contacted by several folks that have used the Viral Widget praising how easy it is to get 100% commissions on their blogs. This is one of the easiest, most exciting services out there, with little competition so far, great job!"

Todd Gross

"One of The Greatest" Affiliate sites on the internet, and I am not just saying that ! Fun, easy, fast, and a lot of free stuff."

Bill Flint

"WOW! You've really outdone yourself David!

Reseller Goodies gives everyone with a website an opportunity to make 100% commissions.

In one day we made sales from your creative widget already! Thank you for what you have created here! And Your Store page is like icing on the cake."

Keith Carberry

"This is the most viral tool I have come across. The widget really works, and combined with the store, you have a really powerful way to earn continuing income and exposure."

Suzanne Howarth

Made my 1st sale about ten minutes after I advertised for it. This thing is going to be awesome, no mistake about it! I haven't even finished setting up my storefront yet, and I am already in the money...Awesome

Michael Hamm

"I just got my own digital store from David Cheyne... and made my first sales in minutes. This is great for Newbies. No setup required."

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